Synthesis and Characterization of Reduced Graphene Oxide from Fiber of Borassus Flabelifer by Activation Method

Fandi Angga Prasetya, Ufafa Anggarini, Salim Mustofa, Syarifatus Sholihah, Fathur Iqbal, Hanafi Hanafi, Dode Bara Septyano


Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) has been successfully synthesized by calcination process at 4000C for 4 hours followed by activation with NaOH 1 M. Carbonization is the last process with variations in heating at 6500C, 7500C, 8500C, and 9500C for 1 hour (heating rate 100C / minute). DSC-TGA data shows that there is advanced decomposition at high temperatures, this is confirmed by SEM data which shows the amount of porosity which is getting higher with a size that decreases with temperature. XRD data shows phase differences at low temperatures with a trend of higher levels of crystallinity at high temperatures. Raman spectroscopy data showed an ID / IG ratio of 2.607 and 1.007 on Borassus Flabelifer L with carbonization at 6500C and 9500C respectively. The ID / IG value which is getting closer to 1 indicates that the carbon available in Borassus Flabelifer L has undergone phase changes such as Graphene with a little Oxide commonly called RGO


Borassus Flabelifer, Reduced Graphene Oxide

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