Analisa Pola dan Sifat Aliran Fluida dengan Pemodelan Fisis dan Metode Automata Gas Kisi

Simon Sadok Siregar, Suryajaya Suryajaya, Muliawati Muliawatiq


This research is conducted by using physical model and Lattice Gas
Automata method for simple flow patterns having different geometry. From
physical model, the results are speed pattern and fluid flow permeability. The
resulted value of the permeability by using physical model will be compared to
the resulted value of the LGA. The compared value of the LGA method is the
value with angle 5o, 10o and 15o by using laboratory scale. These angles are
chosen due to it’s the lowest error compared to those of other angles. In the
physical model the lowest permeability value is gotten from the pattern of straight
geometry 60o with value 0.201 x 10-6 m2 and the highest permeability value is
from pattern of turn 2 with value 0.341 x 10-6 m2. While by using LGA method
the the lowest permeability value is pattern of straight 60o with value 0.209 x 10-
6 m2 while the the highest real permeability value is pattern of turn 2 with value
0.344 x 10-6 m2. From the comparison data of permeability the results of error
are 3.74%, 0.7% and 4.2% for the angle of 5o, 10o and 15o, respectively


Fluid Flow, Lattice Gas Automata, Speed, Permeability

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