PENGEMBANGAN USAHA BUDIDAYA IKAN JELAWAT (Business Development of Jelawat Fish Cultivation)

Muhammad Adnan Zain


Research was aims to determine Knowing the factors that support development and that inhibit the development of fish farming jelawat and development of fish cultivation jelawat. To determine the development of farming jelawat used SWOT analysis in addition to determining the direction of development of fish culture jelawat. Research was conducted in kecamatan karang intan kabupaten Banjar which is the location of fish farming jelawat. From the research results can be known fairly promising prospects for business development both in terms of price and consumer demand, but needs to be improved in terms of cultivation management. Development of fish farming is expected to increase the income of fish farmers and also keep the fish is a commodity jelawat kalimantan local fish can be maintained sustainability.


Business Development, SWOT analysis

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