Journal History



  1. The Multilateral Journal Was First Published In January 2002 In A Printed Version Starting From Vol. 1no.1 2002. Since This Has Issued Issn Print Issn 1412-3428 Based On Decree No. 12.047 / Ji.3.02 / Sk.Issn / 2002.
  2. On 27 january 2017 submitted an online version of the issn. Submissions are accepted by issuing decree no.0005.25491415 / ji.3.1 / sk / 2017.01, dated january 31, 2017. Since then, issn online has officially been issued: 2549-1415. Then will apply to the issuance of volume 16 number 1 in june 2017. Every year / volume two numbers are published, namely number 1 in june and number 2 buan december with a total of 10 articles per number.
  3. Since the issuance of the online version of issn, the management team has fully engaged the editor and reviewer in the open journal system (ojs).
  4. In 2018 applying for accreditation, in 2019 through sk no: 28 / e / kpt / 2019 it was declared sinta accredited level 4. Valid for vol. 17 no. 1 june 2018. Accreditation is valid until vol 21 no. 1 2022.
  5. The multilateral journal temporal template has undergone several changes to make it a great article. The last template change occurred on vol 19 no 2 2019. Since vol 20 no. 1 2021 using the new template. During volume 20 numbers 1 and 2, the template underwent improvements so that it became as stated in the current OJS Multilateral Journal, and was fully used in volume 20 number 3.
  6. In 2020 the journal team proposed a change in the annual number of lipi, from 2 per year / volume to 3 times.
  7. In 2021, 3 publications are valid, each year / volume in february number 1, june number 2, and october number 3. In 2021 each published number is 7 articles, this is based on the assessors' notes when sinta accreditation level 4 is expected more focus on the quality of article content, so it is advisable to reduce the number of articles per published number but focus on the quality of the content.