Journal History

The Journal of Health Periodic aims to disseminate the findings of research in the field published by the Masters of Public Health Program Study of the Faculty of Medicine at Lambung Mangkurat University (ULM).

It is published periodically, twice a year in May and November. The inaugural edition of the Health Periodic journal is Volume 1 Issue 1 of November 1 2015 published in the printed edition.  Since Volume 2 Issue 1 of November 2016 the journal of Periodical Health is published in print and online editions.

In August 2018, the journal page of the UNLAM domain to ULM

At first, Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan used Indonesian as the Main Language, then in order to improve the quality of Journal accreditation, JBK since the publication of Volume 7 Issue 1 of 2021 changed the writing format to English as the Main Language.

Jurnal Berkala Kesehatan also increases the Scope of publication of articles from containing research results to containing research results and community service, especially in the health sector starting Volume 8 Issue 1 2022.