Journal History

The Kalimantan Social Studies Journal (KSSJ) compiles scientific articles focusing on Social Studies Education issues. In particular, this issue not only covers the problem of learning on social studies (Pembelajaran IPS) but also the description of local wisdom (Kearifan Lokal), the value of tradition (Nilai Tradisi), and social phenomena (Fenomena Sosial) that exist in society, Only articles of the best quality in the form of the results of research or the discourse contextual which can be loaded on The Kalimantan Social Studies Journal.

The journal changes to the template. In October 2019 (Vol. 1, No.1), the changes to the April 2020 edition (Vol. 1, No. 2) eliminated the literature review (then combined in the introduction). Changes occurred in the April 2021 edition (Vol.2, No.2) by removing the suggestions section (initially optional) and adding the Journal of History to the manuscript layout.

In addition, The Kalimantan Social Studies Journal added seven reviewers in April 2021 (currently, there are 11 reviewers). This matter is based on the commitment to improve the quality of articles published in journals.