Jurnal Geografika (Geografi Lingkungan Lahan Basah)

    Journal Title : JURNAL GEOGRAFIKA : Geografi Lingkungan Lahan Basah
    Initials : JGP
    DOI   : https://doi.org/10.20527/jgp
    OAI : https://ppjp.ulm.ac.id/journals/index.php/jgp/oai?verb=Identify
    p-ISSN (Print)   : 2746-8194
    e-ISSN (Online) : 2746-2161
    Person in Charge : Dr. Nasruddin, S.Pd., M.Sc.
    Editor in Chief : Muhammad Efendi, S.Pd., M.Pd.
    Layout Editor : Muhammad Apriadi, S.I.P
    Frequency : 2 issue in a year (June and December)
    Publisher : Geography Study Program, Lambung Mangkurat University
    E-mail : geografika.geografi@ulm.ac.id
    Indexation : Google Scholar Sinta 4 / Garuda / Index Copernicus (ICI)

GEOGRAFIKA JOURNAL (Wetland of Environmental Geography) is a journal in the fields of geography: environment & disaster, geospatial information, and regional development planning. Focus and Scope of Journal: Wetland of Geography Environmental Management; Forest and Land Fires; Floods, Landslide, Droughtness; Climate Change; Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System; Sustainable Development; Endemic, Epidemic & Pandemic phenomenon; Applied Geography. Published twice a year (June and December) by the Department of Geography, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Lambung Mangkurat University, which contains aspects: (1) Research results, (2) Opinions, book reviews and reliable information concerning the wetland environment in various scientific fields.

VISION     : 

  • Center for Scientific Publications in Wetland of Environmental Geography
  • Produce of result quality research, community service activities, and scientific thinking about environmental wetland management.
  • Produce of quality writer's professionalism for scientific work.
  • Produce of conducive working culture & innovation surrounding for the writer’s creativity development.
  • Produce of inter-institutional collaboration in upgrade journal management system.

Vol 4, No 2 (2023): GEOGRAFIKA

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